About Yvonne

by Bex

About Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta

When I think of the various words that have been used to describe me they include – passionate, advocate, empathetic, change leader, change management expert, inspirational, role model, results driven – and the list goes on. Top of the list for me is ‘passionate’ and ‘change leadership advocate’. 

Being passionate is what motivates me to help drive positive change as an advisor and consultant to executives, professionals and organizations, and coach, speaker and writer to many.

I have a passion for the mental well-being of employees, and for community sustainment through helping leaders and organizations successfully lead and respond to change in today’s fast-paced and disruptive business environment. Change done right means not only seeing a return on investments to change initiatives, but also ensuring the mental and financial well-being of the people within the organizations, leading to a thriving economy, and ultimately enhancing the community at large.


I work with professionals and organizations to strategize, educate, overcome barriers to change, and determine the right and needed path forward; leading to more impactful outcomes and results for their change initiatives and projects.

My diverse and global working experience across various industries, coupled with my management experience and extensive learning has equipped me with the practical tools and knowledge to work with my clients to meet their professional and organizational goals.

About The Change Leadership

The Change Leadership conferences, masterclasses and events have been established to help professionals and organizations cultivate a culture of ‘change leadership’ that responds better and faster to the uncertainties stemming from disruption and technology in today’s rapidly changing world.


The Change Leadership aims to reduce the potentially devastating social and economic fall-out of failed corporate and organizational change by equipping and preparing stronger and more effective change leaders.


Our goal is for participants to leave our events inspired and empowered to lead and drive change successfully, both for the good of their organizations and for the community at large.


About OliveBlue Inc

We provide organizations with change management and leadership advisory, consultancy and training to help them equip their leaders and teams to successfully deliver change initiatives and projects, leading to increased adoption and greater return on investments.

We work with professionals and executives to support them with 1:1 strategy sessions, online courses and resources to help them become successful change leaders.

Our commitment is to the mental well-being of employees and to community sustainment. Our ability to adapt and successfully lead change has a positive impact on lives and our communities, as well as creating a positive environment for our personal and mental well-being. When one part thrives, we all thrive together. 

OliveBlue is the holding company and corporate brand that underpins products and services delivered by Yvonne and her team.

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