Change Leadership is Influence

by Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta

When we hear the word ‘Leader’, the first picture that comes to mind is someone with position or title, right?

But that mindset is fast changing. Successfully leading change is no longer about title or position, it requires influence. Change Leadership is no longer for a select few!

First things first, the way we understand and do ‘leadership’ has evolved. Leadership is 360 degrees – leading and influencing those around you (top, sideways, and from the bottom), with you being at the center (self-leadership).

Leadership starts with self, with us shaping our thinking and actions. Only when we can lead our own being, can we start to lead others effectively.

But how can you lead others when you don’t have title or position? Is a title vital to leadership? While a ‘title’ or ‘position’ would most definitely help, leadership is not always about authority or management – telling others what to do nor giving deadlines.

As John C. Maxwell had nicely put it, “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less

The true measure of leadership is respect and influence.

Want to test your influence?

Notice the people around you. Do they follow you or listen to you because they’re paid to do so? Or because they respect and believe in you to the extent that they’re willing to go the extra mile?

When you’re able to get the “buy-in” at various levels of the organization, you’re better positioned to overcome some of the challenges that come with leading change.

Just one more reason we put a great deal of emphasis on raising one’s influence in the Change Leadership Accelerator Course.

With the experience and lessons I have learnt as a Change Strategist over last couple decades, I know very well how our ability to influence others can make or break our projects and change initiatives.

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Leadership is Influence. Leading change without position or title